Saturday, 14 May 2016

May Tunes!

So I have started creating my May playlist on spotify! This is where I put all the tunes I love each month. At the moment this months is quite acoustic based as its mainly stuff I have found great to listen whilst revising!
Check it out and let me know what you think!!

May Playlist

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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Revision Tips & Tricks!

So, If you're like me then the main revision and exam period has begun. Exams are round the corner which means trying to cram in all the possible revision. If you're like me then revision is definitely not your favourite thing! This week I thought I would show you what has been working for me in the run up to exams!

I have found that colour is really working for me. Highlighting bits of info, note certain topics in different colours, etc. Using colour makes it look nicer and makes your brain associate different colours with different topics.Try highlighters, different coloured pens and paper. Try to use colour - it makes the tedious revision slightly more enjoyable!

2. Revision guides!
Now, you may have the impression that revision guides are just books filled with writing and information. However I have found them incredibly helpful so far! For whichever subjects you are studying there will be a guide out there for you, most can be specified for your exam board so you know you're getting the right info. They have quizzes, key facts, vocabulary explanations and pictures. They are great at narrowing down the main information you are going to need in your exam! The best to find them? Amazon!

3. A Revision Timetable!
You may have just read that and thought "lame". However, having a timetable allows you to organise your time and see what you need to do. I have included my school timetable in mine - so if I have had double history at school I will probably avoid history revision at home. A timetable allows you to put in slots for relaxing - this is very important! Also I have put in time were I have scheduled other things, such as my drama group on a Saturday.

4. Index Cards!
I have started to use index cards and am loving them. They allow you to narrow down small pieces of information on to a card, then I might stick them on the wall or flick through them each day to get the information in my head. You could put key dates, key vocabulary and key figures. Small pieces of information which will be really useful to you in your exam.

5. "YOU" Time
This is so important during your exam period! You should set aside time for yourself, maybe to watch a film, listen to some music or meet up with your mates - time away from revision. It allows you to have something to look forward to amongst all the hard core revision you're doing. "YOU" Time could be a 30 minute break or a day out. Remember that you shouldn't do revision for hours on end as you'll forget everything! Remember to look after yourself.

I hope these 5 tips have helped. I will link some sites which I am finding really helpful for revision. Good Luck!

BBC Bitesize

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Friday, 22 April 2016

STORY: Meeting The Vamps

Exciting post for you this weeks!!

So on the 5th December 2015,me and two very very good friends of mine ventured to Kingston to meet The Vamps! Yes, you read it right, THE VAMPS!

The event was at the Hippodrome in Kingston, so we left at about 4ish to drive to Kingston. The drive included singing the Wake Up Album which was incredibly fun. Every now and again it would hit us that we were on our way to meet our absolute favourites.

We arrived in Kingston, parked and grabbed some food. I seem to remember the kid in the sandwich shop with his Toys R Us bag (don't ask why I remember that). We walked for a couple of minutes and arrived at the Hippodrome. The queue outside was MASSIVE! So we hopped on the end and queued probably for an hour, but we were guaranteed to get in as we'd purchased tickets. We finally got in, we were like numbers 550 or something crazy like that (a lot of people before us!).

We entered and needed to find somewhere to stand to watch the small acoustic set, the main floor was filled and it seemed like we were going to end up with some crappy view, I'm only small. However, we managed to find a space round the side where we were close to the stage, like actually really close, except form the pole and speaker in front of us which, unfortunately, blocked our view of Tris. The boys came on and played a small acoustic set of 3 or 4 songs, and to be honest, it was magical. Thinking about it I get all emotional.

They finished the set and then it was time to meet them. They did it by what "raffle ticket" number you had. So as we were in the mid 500's we had a fair while to wait.The boys were upstairs on like a balcony so we could see their backs as they met others. We sat and jammed to their album which was playing for a while. At one point my friend shouted "DEAN!" and he turned around and we waved and he waved back so I will always treasure that moment with the camera man. Eventually they called our numbers and we queued up the stairs. As we got closer I was shaking like mad! And I mean like mad! I have been in love with these boys for like three years and they had made such a change to my life. Finally, I was about to meet them and they were all gonna sign my t-shirt.

We got there and it was over in a blur. I literally froze with all of them, only saying hi and asking for a picture. It was incredible and I cannot thank the boys enough for how happy they have made me over the last three years.
My friends and I may have had a tiny cry on the way back to the car. It hadn't really sunk in.

It was an incredible day and I pray to meet them again, and try not to freeze this time.
If you want to see some pictures let me know, and also if you want stories from the concerts I have been to.

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Sunday, 10 April 2016

April Tunes

Hey Guys!
So I am a big fan of all things music to be honest, I enjoy singing and love finding new artists to enjoy! I absolutely adore live music, The Vamps concert last week was amazing (2nd April @ the O2) - more on that at another time.
I thought I would create a playlist each month on Spotify to show you what I am adoring so you can check it out. I will hopefully update these regularly (fingers crossed!).
April's Playlist -

Follow and let me know what you think!!
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Monday, 4 April 2016

Weight Insecurities

So this is a topic which I have wanted to write about for a long time but haven't been sure how to try and tackle it. But today I'm just gonna let it flow out of my fingers and through the keyboard, reaching your screens right now! I hope to cover any questions you might have about your own weight or any questions you have generally.

Ever since Primary school I have been thin, and I mean thin! I used to be basically just bone and skin, very little muscle and hardly any "fat" (I hate calling it that it comes with so many negative connotations!). My weight never really bothered me until I reached sort of year 5 or year 6. People in my year used to come up to me saying "your like a stick" or "is there something wrong with you, why are you so thin?" and this hurt. Let me put this out there now I have no eating disorder and have never had anorexia. It bothered me, people coming up to me pointing out "flaws" (which I now know they are not) about my weight, my body.

This continued to affect me into secondary school. People saying "are you anorexic or something?" or "OMG you're so skinny go and eat something!". It made me think I used to think my weight was an issue, the fact that I was thin was bad! I noticed how if someone called someone else "fat" or "overweight" this was looked down upon in society (quite rightly!) but to point out that someone was thin and telling them to do something about it was okay. I will assure you know that I eat tonnes of food, I never used to understand why the food never really took an impact on me. I used to constantly weigh myself and i became so confused as to why my body was like this, and I hated it!

Then I found out I had a fast metabolism, this basically means that my body digests food incredibly fast. Meaning it has no time to take a real effect. This gave me an explanation as to why my body was this way. I currently weigh 91 pounds (114 pounds is the average for girls my age, 15).

I have to put it out there that this "average weight" is NOT the weight we should all be. We all have different body shapes and sizes, and all of us are beautiful just the way we are. If people at school or wherever are telling you what your weight should be or how you should look, ignore them. I cannot emphasise how important it is to be happy within your body. I have been in that position and I found myself an answer, as have many people. There are people out there who can help you if you aren't happy in your own skin. There are so many expectations of what teenage girls "should" look like, we don't have to follow this! Society is not that understanding of weight insecurities within girls and boys!

I am always here if you have any questions or you just need someone to talk to. You can always leave a comment or email me at:

Remember, the number on the scales does not define who you are!
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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Soap & Glory Haul!

Hello! So recently I was given A LOT of Soap & Glory products as a gift so I thought I would share them with you here and my first impressions of them!!

So firstly, it all came in a case like the one here. It can be reused and is so spacious inside! I am in love with this!

Make Up:

First, We have the "Sexy Mother Pucker" Lip gloss. It is a really lightish shade of pink and is very my style. I have tried this one and it is also really long wearing, it lasts all day!

Then, there is the "Thick & Fast High Definition Collagen Coat Mascara". Having also tried this one, the brush works really well and its also very long wearing.

There are many products in the case for your skin! These are what most excite me!

1. Hand Food - I am absolutely in love with this hand cream! It is so moisturising and smells incredible! It contains: Shea butter, macandamia oil and marshmallow, and as previously said, the smell of this hand cream is luxurious!

2. Heel Genius - This is a foot cream, which also smells lovely its slightly less strong than the hand cream. I have not tried this one yet but it looks as moisturising as the hand cream! Excited to try this one. I love the Soap & Glory moisturising stuff as I suffer with a lot of dry skin, so very excited!

3. The Scrub of your life - On the tube it recommends to use after the shower, so I will definitely be trying this. Once again the smell is incredible and it also looks super moisturising! It claims to make your once rough elbows silky smooth, remove the bumps from the back of your arms and dry shins will become suspiciously shimmery; if you are like me, these promises will excite you a lot!

4. The Righteous butter Sunkissed Tint Body Lotion - (this one I am particularly excited about!) So as you can probably guess from the name this one is a body lotion and it promises to tan you instantly! Now if you are like me and you're very pale and can never seem to tan anywhere, this could be the answer to our prayers! It is slightly scented with a tropical twist and promises to wash off. I am very excited to try this and I will keep you posted!

5. Clean On Me - Now this delight is a moisturising shower cream. Excitement body lotion is built in to this as well as it being moisturising! This one also smells incredible, almost like a fruity blend and I can't wait to shower with this one! 

6. The Righteous Butter - Now you may be thinking I recognise that name, that's because it was previously mentioned but this is a separate product. This is a butter which is specifically for very dry skin and it promises to moisture us into sinfully soft skin! It has a very strong smell which I can only describe as the product of Shea Butter and Aloe Vera, its sensational!

Last but not least,

7. Deep Cleansing Milk - This is an amazing 4-in-1 wash off! It melts away your make up and it's for all skin types. It, like every other product, smells amazing; Its a fruity scent but mainly peaches! It gives you healthier and more radiant skin. This will definitely become a regular of mine!

So those are all the products I have gained recently from the wonder that is Soap & Glory! I hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know if you want more like this.

Until Next Time xxx

Sunday, 21 February 2016

My Top 10 Albums Right Now!

So, Today I thought I would let you know about 10 albums which I have been absolutely adoring recently. Here goes!
  1. Wake Up - The Vamps. It is full of incredible tunes and the four boys make me very happy and warm inside.
  2. Handwritten - Shawn Mendes. This guy is taking the world by storm recently and that is definitely shown in his incredible album! 
  3. Get Weird - Little Mix. I wouldn't call myself a fan of Little Mix but this album is amazeballs, the tunes are so catchy!
  4. 25 - Adele. I mean it's Adele so of course it is absolutely amazing!
  5. Purpose - Justin Bieber. This year Bieber got good music, and his album is INCREDIBLE.
  6. BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge 2015. This is an amazing set of 39 covers done by the most amazing artists of the most amazing songs.
  7. 1989 - Taylor Swift. It's swift, there's love songs and I love it. 
  8. In The Lonely Hour - Sam Smith. Sam's vocals are simply incredible and his songs are simply awesome.
  9. Jamie Lawson - Jamie Lawson. This guy is going to be big and his album has some great songs. Watch out for this guy!
  10. X - Ed Sheeran. Ed Sheeran's album might be quite old but the songs have such amazing meaning that they are so very relevant now!
I hope you liked this type of post, Let me know you're favourite albums right now in the comments below!
Until Next Time xxx